English to Hmong Meaning of positive - zoo

Positive :

zoo, ntxiv rau, paub tseeb tias, tej yam, ruaj ntseg, tseem, hnav, zoo tshaj plaws, kawg, cov kabmob, txoj cai, tiag tiag, muaj tseeb, heev, nruab nrab, ncaj ncees, txawm yog yus, ntshiab, tshwm, qhia tau meej heev, cuab, paub daws teeb, tseeb, Bona fide, qhabnias, txiav txim siab, tsis, qhov kawg, txhij txhua, sab nqaij daim tawv, ywj siab, lub cev, yooj yim, yuav tsum muaj, thawj, cov ntaub ntawv uas

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Definitions of positive in English
Noun(1) the primary form of an adjective or adverb; denotes a quality without qualification, comparison, or relation to increase or diminution(2) a film showing a photographic image whose tones correspond to those of the original subject
Adjective(1) characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance or certainty etc.(2) persuaded of; very sure(3) involving advantage or good, or positive(4) indicating existence or presence of a suspected condition or pathogen(5) formally laid down or imposed(6) impossible to deny or disprove(7) of or relating to positivism(8) reckoned, situated or tending in the direction which naturally or arbitrarily is taken to indicate increase or progress or onward motion(9) greater than zero(10) having a positive charge(11) marked by excessive confidence
Examples of positive in English
(1) They should exercise daily and maintain a positive , hopeful outlook toward the future.(2) Upon positive identification, the user is alerted by both an audible and visual alarm.(3) Paul Martin is keen to get the area back on track by playing up the positive .(4) positive ion(5) positive value(6) Tuberculin skin test results are positive in two thirds of patients.(7) We are assured that the Olympics will leave London a positive legacy rather than massive debt.(8) This revolt, joined to an ascetic and sterile devotion to positive fact, would ultimately slay even God.(9) Instead, he has welcomed the renewed focus among members on a more positive campaign rather than industrial action.(10) Truth be told, he didn't get many positive responses to his concerns.(11) This indicated that no specific attention was warranted to these near zero or small positive values.(12) But seeing the best in them is different - you concentrate on the positive rather than what's lacking.(13) I'm positive I'll go back and ski there again.(14) There is a positive response from farmers to the safety message.(15) Now the dominant trend in radio is to avoid giving listeners a reason to turn off, rather than offering a positive reason to turn on in the first place.(16) Wiping the dirt from her face, she stopped to take a break and focus on the positive .
Related Phrases of positive
(1) be positive ::
yuav zoo
(2) positive feedback ::
zoo tswv yim
(3) positive reinforcement ::
zoo qhov cuab lub zog
(4) positive and negative ::
zoo thiab tsis zoo
(5) positive number ::
zoo xov tooj
(6) positive answer ::
zoo lus teb
(7) positive integer ::
zoo integer
(8) positive electrode ::
zoo electrode
(9) positive economics ::
zoo economics
(10) positive charge ::
zoo xwb
1. affirmative ::
2. constructive ::
3. optimistic ::
4. favorable ::
5. definite ::
6. certain ::
tej yam
7. confident ::
8. irrefutable ::
10. plus ::
ntxiv rau
12. electropositive ::
14. cocksure ::
15. positive degree ::
zoo degree
1. adverse ::
2. derogatory ::
3. negative ::
tsis zoo
4. unfriendly ::
Different Forms
positive, positively, positiveness, positives
Word Example from TV Shows
I need you to stay positive
with me here.

I need you to stay POSITIVE with me here.

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 9

100% positive you love and want
to marry Howard Wolowitz?

100% POSITIVE you love and want to marry Howard Wolowitz?

The Big Bang Theory Season 5, Episode 5

Yes, yes, I'm positive. Look.\NVery positive.

Yes, yes, I'm POSITIVE. Look.

Money Heist Season 3, Episode 7

but positive doesn't
change facts, all right?

but POSITIVE doesn't change facts, all right?

Breaking Bad Season 2, Episode 9

Maybe your positive pressure blew it
out the door or something.

Maybe your POSITIVE pressure blew it out the door or something.

Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 10

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